Product Planning Workshop

From no clue to first digital product:

• framework,

• design,

• delivery plan

in just two weeks.

Delivered in an interactive, group-coaching format.


Sales Copywriting Course

Earn sales through your product’s true value, not being salesy.

Have customers thank you for selling your product, not unsubscribe from pushy sales techniques.

A self-paced course in honest, authentic communication that converts.

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Schedule a call to discuss your unique needs. 

• brainstorm new products

• layout a launch strategy

• plan an evergreen sales funnel

• get clarity on your goals

Discuss those tough decisions one-on-one. 

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17 Digital Product Formats That Aren’t A Course or eBook

17 Digital Product Formats That Aren’t A Course or eBook

Selling Digital Products- The Best Way To Monetize Your Knowledge I love creating and selling digital products of all formats! The startup costs are negligible compared to stocking and shipping physical items. The process is perfectly scalable. Do the work once, and...

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