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I’ve had it up to here with the bro-tastic internet marketing gurus. Gosh, they must know what they’re doing, bullying you into paying $997 to learn how they bullied people into making The Famous Seven-Figure Sales.

Since they’ve discovered the One Right Way to sell, the rest of us just have to get on board, right? 

Let me let you in on a little secret. The big men of marketing today didn’t invent this. They inherited the terminology and dynamics of previous generations. And we don’t have to perpetuate it any longer. 

How did marketing get here?

History lesson: The golden age of advertising was the 1960s. Men who returned from the horrors of WWII and the Korean War and recreated it on Madison Avenue. 

This era was marked by deep divisions of social class, race, and sex.

Tons of marketing terminology comes from this time. Things we say everyday and never stop to deconstruct. 

Marketing blitz– directly from Blitzkrieg, the method of warfare

Retargeting ads – ads to shoot the customers you initially missed

Product launch– like launching a missile

This is the language of war and violence, but we’re all taught to use it towards our customers. 

Cool history lesson, but does that really matter in online marketing today?

We still use the same language. Moreso, online marketing repeats the same concepts too:

Paternalistic – The customer doesn’t know what she needs. So we have to convince her to buy by any means necessary. It’s for her own good.

Dehumanizing – People become numbers shoved through a funnel. One-size-fits all sales process.

Predatory -Increase the reader’s pain, no-exit squeeze pages, no value to those who don’t buy.

The online marketing gurus insist this is the only way to be successful. That you must copy their techniques to sell products. But they’re also using these methods on you, dear reader.

The modern gurus didn’t go to war or (consciously) create a system that excludes women and other marginalized groups. But they’re working to sustain the system.

You watch the webinar (with a hard sell at the end). You download all the opt-ins. You listen to the podcast. And the tactics make you feel sicker and sicker.

Squeeze the customer. Jack up the price. Have expiring deals. Close the cart after just a few days. Fear, confusion, and pain are how you sell, right?

So of course you develop a fear of marketing. All your experiences with learning online marketing are painful and unethical. You don’t like experiencing it firsthand. So why would you want to inflict this on others?

How else can women market online?

If you find it hard to replicate these million-dollar-sales guys as a woman… good. You’re intended to be shut out. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

It’s also a blessing.

You can be wildly successful without compromising your ethics.

Imagine building a business based on generosity towards your customers, not scarcity and fear. One that places community over competition. Waking up every day with a clear focus for serving your customer (and never squeezing her).

I’m Lorelei, and I believe all of the above is possible for you. Because I’ve been building ethical & successful sales pages for years. God did not call you without making a way for you

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